Now award-winning…

Yes, that’s right, I have won my first Photographic Award from The Event Photography Awards here in the UK for the best Experiential Event Photograph.

WINNERIt’s funny how things work out – I didn’t start out with a plan to be an Event Photographer, Wedding Photographer or any kind of photographic profession. In fact, I started because I wanted to take great travel photographs and great pictures of my wife. From there, I kind of just fell into it head first.

It all started, with that first message I received in August 2014 from my best friend who lives in NZ.  He messaged telling me that he was heading over to London and that we should plan a trip to Europe – Nice!!  Messages were going back and forth and then finally he dropped the bombshell… “I can get you a camera with my staff discount”!! BOOM!  – It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that this friend works for a large well-known camera manufacturer.  By then end of our conversation, we’d planned a trip to the Greek islands and I had my first DSLR on its way with highly coveted 50mm lens!!

Why is it that time always seem to take longer when you’re waiting for something exciting to happen?!! I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas – so excited.

Putting my eagerness and excitement aside, I realised that it has been a while since intimately knowing the inner workings SLR cameras, let alone a DSLR – Other than a few drunken nights using my friends cameras and despite often switch off from the ‘goings on’ to take pictures, I still, in my opinion, had nowhere near the right amount of knowledge to utilise (or even justify having) such a piece of equipment – I needed to learn and I needed to learn fast.  Now the waiting time didn’t seem so long but at least I had a deadline to work with.

So, after a month of countless late nights, youtube tutorials, MacPro Video Sessions and a book recommended by my friend Fredi, Understanding Exposure, I had grasped the theory and science of taking photographs and felt ready to start the practical side of learning (which being a kinesthetic learner, I was craving for!!).

Without going into teaching here, the key areas a budding photographer needs to know are:

  • How cameras and SLRs work
  • The Exposure Triangle – Aperture vs ISO vs Shutter Speed
  • Correct vs Creative Exposure
  • Composition – the rule of thirds.

Fast forwarding a little, we took some great pictures on holiday, Fredi later asked me to join him doing wedding photography, I volunteered to photograph an event as their usual photographer was no longer available the day before the event, I now have a joint wedding venture, an Event Photography venture and now I showcase my travel photography online.

For events, the first official event: ILEA Panel at Dinerama

Yep, this hobby has got me bad!

I’ve really gone full steam and taken every opportunity to learn more, share my goals with other and expose myself to the work by helping others – it’s been a great and priceless experience and I’ve had support from family, friends (both in and out of the industry) and my clients and it is to them that I dedicate this, my first award, too…



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