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Event Agencies! Are you getting the most out of Photography and Video opportunities at your events?

Event agencies, are you getting the most out of Photography and Video opportunities at your events? We think not. We have a list of suggestions for you.

Having worked in events as a Photography and Videography service provider, we feel there are a lot of opportunities to create content. Yes, perhaps it was something your client added last minute–it happens, but either way, in a world where content rules, you should definitely make it more of a strategic pillar at every event (and we’re not just talking candids and highlight showreel!). There is so much more that can be created to add value to both you and your clients—and you can divide the costs 😉

Think longer term benefits from the content—Let’s talk, ‘SHOOT ONCE AND REPURPOSE OFTEN’.

Shoot Once and Repurpose Often

Just think about capturing a few client/supplier/delegate interviews at each event, alongside stills and that crucial b-roll (short clips of you event for the highlight reel!) for both immediate use and chopping to repurpose later. Opportunity is lost when REPURPOSING doesn’t happen—the initial video is created, shared and we move on…

That’s right. With a little planning and a budget so many different assets can be created and repurposed from one-day of shooting to drive awareness and inbound traffic to yours brands.

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An inbound marketing win? We think so…

Here’s a few ideas we’ve been sharing and supporting our clients with to get the ball rolling about what can be captured and add to their Content Marketing Plans to getting more from their Event Photography and Videography:

Once you have any of these pieces of content from many events they can be chopped, sliced and diced in so many different ways to become shorter form social bites or longer forms for external and internal communication assets to help people get to know who you are…

…Well, I’m sure by now you have ideas of your own to add to this list, but here’s another point to note: If your client has already requested a event photography or videography, then not only can you add value by adding some suggested content ideas, but, you can also share the costs and do more! MIND-BLOWN, right?!

So, get your Event Content Playbook ready and decide what you will create at every event!

A final note on costs. If you have a content marketing plan where you envisage shooting content regularly for internal communications and/or your calendar of events , it could be worth talking with your production team about a retainer–this could work out really well for both parties.

That’s it for this post.

Have fun putting any of these suggestions in place and please get in touch with any questions.



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