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6 Quick video ideas that save your business time and money

Hi, welcome back.

Today I have 6 quick sure-fire video ideas to add to your content marketing strategy that will save you and your business time and money.

The List

Before we get into it, we’ve all heard the saying “Time is money”, so just think for a moment about how many times you have helped people with the same thing… Now ask yourself how long it took each and every time you passed that knowledge on. Factor in any travel costs and time? Did you commute or drive? Did this generate revenue or leads?

Now, not to say that this wasn’t time well spent, but ask yourself, what if you could achieve this task AND do something else as well?

Yes, that is where I am going with these video suggestions to add to your content marketing strategy and I am hoping they will help spark your ideas on how you can take back this time (and money) so you can put it towards other tasks.

The List

Anything that is asked often can be turned into a short video.

About Us & Meet The Team

As obvious as it sounds, these can be used for things like your sales funnel and in emails to prospects to cover a lot of explaining. And, not only are you saving time, but you’re also ensuring that a consistent message is being delivered to your audience.

Sales Funnel Videos

As with the above, here you can really create something to impress your prospects and inform them of every reason why they should choose you over others. It can be concise, establish authority and be compelling enough for your audience to follow your call to action.

HR and Staff Onboarding

Having a recruitment drive? What if you had a few welcome videos personalised for each department? Or what if you had a few videos on your common onboarding information/processes that you host on your portal? What if these can be easily emailed so your HR Team can focus more time and resources on getting ideal candidates and training them to be the best…? Not bad, right?

Customer Onboarding and Tutorials

As above, a huge time saver for introducing them to their new products and/or services and can really nurture that customer experience along.


Your prospects may have a lot of the same questions before or after they formed a relationship with you. Videos can not only answer the questions, but they will also give them a better idea of who you are and the service levels that they will be getting.

Premises/Venue Tours

These are a favourite, so if you are office or venue proud then why not bring your customers in for a visit without them leaving home to give them a taste of what they are missing and have to look forward to

What have we learnt?

Well, we’ve learned that there is a good chance any repetitive internal or external communication can be delivered with a video. Just capture it correctly once and reuse it as many times as you need to!

That’s all for this post folks. I hope it has given you some inspiration to get your creativity and problem-solving cogs turning, and of course, we are here to help–just click the button below to learn more.

Good luck and see you next time 😉

If you’ve found this helpful please let us know, and if you know someone who this will benefit please do share it with them–let’s all elevate together.

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