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The 94th EuroConstruct Conference 2022

This was the first conference since the pandemic so EuroConstruct’s goal was to captured video content of the event with a view of creating many visual assets for marketing to raise brand awareness and let everyone in the industry know that they are back.

For this, we suggested a highlight reel of the event as well as capturing attendee interviews onsite so they can share their excitement and their key takeaways.

This resulted in 34 pieces of content from the day–1x Highlight Reel, and 11 x interviews each formatted for standard, vertical and square sharing. All content can be further trimmed into sound bytes as required.

(To learn more about repurposing your content read our article “5 Benefits of Reusing Content: How Repurposing Can Help Your Content Strategy”)

We turned 11 video interviews into 33 pieces of content (1:1, 16:9 & 9:16). Each piece can then be cut into small bites for repurposing.

Shoot Once and Repurpose many times

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