Lena: Lookbook & Cinemagraph

So pleased with these lookbook shots and this picturesque scene from a recent shoot in South Kensington, London with Make-up Artist, Lena.

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A First Look At Look Books…

In the spirit of creation and taking my photography skills and experience to the next level, I recently learned about Lookbooks, a set of three images that give you a general idea of a certain style mostly used to promote brands and their products.

I partnered with Maria to see what she’d bring and what we could come up with (and have some fun in the process).

We didn’t have any branding to play with so her Lipstick and Hoodie became our hero products for our two lookbooks and, after so many great shots, these were the ones I settled on.

A first real attempt, that didn’t come out too bad…

Look Book 1



Look Book 2