Upping Your Camera Phone Photography Game During Lockdown…

This week we launched the first of our Youtube Tutorials that can help you be creative at home and during the #Lockdown.

First Episode: Getting Started with Lightroom Mobile


Thinking about the future, it’s always great to forge forward with a sense of where we’ve come from and the things we’ve achieved and, with that in mind as well as the desire of wanting to give back to a community I’ve learnt so much from, I decided to create tutorials about @adobe’s #lightroomMobile.

Now, though the weather is beaming and many of us are blowing off the lockdown cobwebs and racing outdoors, my aim here is to not just educate people but to also inspire them to go back through the many images they’ve collected on their devices over the years and to relive, enhance and maybe even create something new to share or reconnect with those involved.

Starting off with a quick tour and aimed at all skill-levels, Founder & Director Darren Bandoo guides you through free mobile photo-editing app, Lightroom Mobile. In these 5-min tutorials, you will learn how to enhance existing images making them better before you add your filters, add and create your own style and save presets, and all-in-all up your photography game.

Stop by our channel to check out the first episode and don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe!


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An Alumni Lunch with BlackRock College

We joined BlackRock College for their annual Alumni Lunch at Smith & Wollensky, London.

Food Photography

This was a project for one of my food clients for their Ethnic Cook at home ‘Meals-In-A-Box which makes cooking these meals not only easy but also a learning experience – everything is from scratch and takes no longer than any other meal to prepare.

  • Food Prepare by published Chef, Nitisha Patel (insta: @chef_nitisha).
  • Food styling: was a joint effort by the both of us.
  • Requested editing style: The client requested images a dark moody feel.

Another Great EventHuddle: Social Media for Events 2018

Social media is an amazing beast that, if the various platforms are used correctly, can deliver us some great results.EventHuddle_201805-31

As a sponsor of this educational event, I enjoy attending these morning meeting ups for connecting with both regular and new faces and (especially from this event) I always came away with some fantastic insights, best practices and often a list of ‘Do’s and Don’t’ that get offered up by the days esteemed guests.

Speaking of which, today’s session, Social Media for Events pt1

With guests:

  • Chairman – Nick Lawson, Acquisition Marketing Manager at Eventbrite
  • Darren Struwig, Social Media Producer at Festival Republic

  • Sarah Rainford, Senior Account Manager at Born Social

  • Audrey Solvar, Moka Agency – watch this space, a new agency to be launched next week…

Here are a few photo highlights from the session


See this full collection and past events here

Watch the whole session here


EventHuddle: New Gallery Page / Next Event

This is very cool.  I’ve been working with EventHuddle as their photographer for quite some time now and I’m so pleased that they have recently added a Gallery to their website which features the images I captured of past events as well as a little bio of yours truly…  Awesome!!!

Who is EventHuddle…?

EventHuddle is a regular topical discussion / educational forum for event & marketing professionals. Each gathering takes place at the prestigious 1 Wimpole street (home of the Royal Society of Medicine), in the form of an early morning panel discussion, placed between a sumptuous breakfast offering and an unbridled networking opportunity.

Next Event: 

  • Topic: Social Media for Events: 2018 Edition
  • When: Tomorrow – 30.5.2018, 08:15 – 10:30
  • Where: 1 Wimpole St, 1 Wimpole Street, London. W1G 0LZ. United Kingdom
  • Register here

Event Huddle Apr 2018-57

Book Signing: Marcus Wareing


7 Tips: Getting the right photographer

It is hump day! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today, we have got a little gift, a 7 Tips Infographic, for you that will help ensure you have the right person for your next event. Also, we’ve done a slight refresh of content on our homepage so please do take a look in your next moment…

… Getting a photographer can be a great way of adding an interactive element as well as capturing moments that tell the story of your event. However, getting it wrong can be detrimental to you, your delegate experience and your client’s ROI.

To help you avoid making these mistakes, we are have put together and are giving you this free 7 tip infographic.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 22.24.27
Click here to tell us where to send it

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We hope this helps and wish you all the best with your events. Please leave a comment.

Yours gratefully,


How to choose the right photographer for your events… Pt1: Style/Setting

Being an events professional, a photographer and as someone who got married not too long ago, I’ve had my fair share of experience when it comes to finding the right photographer for the job, that someone who can capture the moments of and visually tell the story of your event well.

Striving along my photography journey, I’ve had the good fortune to have photographed a wide range of events – conferences, weddings, concerts, showcases, parties, award ceremonies and recently baby showers – and on this journey I’ve learnt that there are types of events that I’m naturally suited for and do well at and then there are others that without having that clear communication and understanding of my clients needs, desires and vision, I would probably have missed the mark completely – a recent shoot comes to mind where the booking was confirmed a the last minute and with a 15min site visit and conversation, no visual examples or brief.  This made it hard to visually align and in situations like that the risk is that both parties are left feeling slightly unsatisfied and both could’ve done more… But, no problem.  I just checked in at intervals with the shots accumulated at that point.

However, if the following consideration were taken into account, it does help things run smoother….  This slides nicely onto this next part…

Photography is unlike working with other vendors or service providers whom you can hear, smell, taste or even see what they’re likely to be providing —with photography, you don’t really know what you will be getting until after your event and, unlike flowers and catering, the images will live long after. That is why careful research needs to be done so that you can be assured you are getting the quality that you want – professional skills, artistic style and personality are key when finding a photographer who can not only do the job well but also mix well with your guests.

So, where do you start…?

1. Style / Setting

The best place I like to start with when working with potential clients is Style / Setting – What look/finish are you looking for and where will the location be?

For some events, it might seem like a strange question until you consider that these images are going to tell the story of your event/wedding and/or represent your brand so selecting the right style for you, your client and for the setting is crucial…


Is your event interactive, outdoor, sports, in a night club or a conference – what emotions/themes do you what to come through and capture…?

Styles to consider:

  • Documentary – Candid and Reportáge
  • Portraiture – The traditional posed shots you will find in wedding albums – against a chosen backdrop or roaming. Formal and informal.
  • Creative – Off-centre and titled images, play with depth of field to use bokeh, stage moods with the subjects to create an edgy, use of landscape and available props, etc…
  • Fine Art – A cross between Portrait and Creative, photographers that fall into this category will bring their own dramatic vision and style to the work. Often, very well studied and practised in the use of film. Most photographers will bring a degree of this to their work but ask yourself “is the Fine Art approach important to you?”…

This is just the start so it would pay to have a look at the images from your past events and pick which are the ones which align with your needs (or client needs), your vision and your brand…

DBP will be supporting the ExM Live Forum…

Today the ExM Live Forum invites Event experts to talk technology and DBP will be capturing the event…

Read more:



Photography Journal, Reflection.

It’s funny how things work out.  I didn’t start out with a plan to be an Event Photographer or wedding photographer or any kind of photographic profession. In fact, I kind of just fell into it head first whilst chasing my passion – to take better travel photos.

It all started, with that first message I received back in August 2014 from my closest friend who lives in NZ.  He messaged me telling me how he was heading over to London and that we should plan a trip, Nice!!  Messages were going back and forth and then finally he dropped the bombshell… “I can get you a camera with my staff discount”!! BOOM!  – It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that this friend works for a large well know camera manufacturer.  by then end of our conversation and planning, we;d planned a trip to 4 greek islands and I had a DSLR coming with some lenses!!

Why does time always seem to take ages when you’re waiting for something exciting to happen?!! I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas…  I was so looking forward to it that much!

Anyway, putting my eagerness aside, I realised that it has been a while since intimately knowing the inner workings SLR cameras, let alone a DSLR – Other than a few drunken nights using my friends camera bodies with their 50mm lens and despite often switch off from the ‘goings on’ to take pictures, I still, in my opinion, had nowhere near the right amount of knowledge to utilise (or even justify having) such a piece of equipment – I needed to learn and I needed to learn fast.  Now the wait time didn’t seem so long, but at least I had a deadline to work with.

I can’t tell you how many late nights I lost to countless youtube tutorials and articles swatting up on the basics of photography, but it was a lot.  Have you ever started to learn something and realised that the more you’re learning, the more you want to know?  …Like a thirst has been awoken. I remember one night I was still going when my morning alarm sounded to wake me up for work!!  I could not wait to get that camera in my hands – the was piling up!

I’m not going to going into teaching here, but if you’re a budding photographer you need to know these topics inside out

  • How cameras and SLRs work
  • The Exposure Triangle – Aperture vs ISO vs Shutter Speed
  • Correct vs Creative Exposure
  • Composition – the rule of thirds.

Fast forwarding a little, my friend arrived and headed to the greek isles for some rest, relaxation and photography.

Here are my highlight images from that mission.

Shortly after this holiday, a friend asked me to partner with him doing wedding photography and, at the beginning of this year, I fell into the events world.

Fast forwarding to present day, Both are moving along their start-up phases, I’m doing what I love more and When I travel I see the world in a different way.  I considered myself a global citizen before but my love of it has increased with my passion for travel photography.

The first official event: ILEA Panel at Dinerama

The most recent: ILEA @ Smith & Wollensky

I’ve really gone full steam and taken every opportunity to learnt more, share my goals with other and expose myself to the work by helping others – it’s been a great and priceless experience. I’m saying you should pimp yourself out but by putting yourself in the right places for networking and building a brand on quality that is exciting to clients takes time and effort and even though I’ve thrown a lot at it this summer, it never seems like work when you’re lovin’ it!!

I hope this has been a useful illustration of how, if you want something and you’re passion about doing it, you can learn it and excel (and if you’re thinking about photography, you have a few starting points).  Also, you never know, this endeavor could even be a game changer – you just have to start at the beginning and see where it takes you

Please feel free to share your successes –  I would love to hear what you’re learning or any new skill you’ve picked up – don’t be shy…!!

join me on instagram: @dbp_uk, @arohaphotoz, @exquisitelocations