Visual Marketing

As an event photographer and as someone who understands the value of connecting with people, I’ve been looking for ways to add an interesting dimension to what I already love doing that adds more benefits to the brands and clients I work with.

Anyone in the events industry knows that ‘Content is king’ but if you don’t know your target audience how can you hope to connect with them, stay relevant and grow your exposure? – Add new insight to your strategy with Visual Marketing.

– What is Visual Marketing and how will it benefit you?

Visual Marketing is a tool that tracks, in real-time, the journey a photograph takes from it being shot by an event photographer (me) to how it is shared around the world social media – Likes, shares, comments and more.

With that said,  I am excited to be one of the only pioneering photographers to be introducing Visual Marketing to their offering.  Powered by Headoo, this platform enables you, your brands and your events to see the post-event amplification story that happens on social media allowing you to get to know your audience, build more personal relationships and grow your influence…

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